Thursday, October 7, 2010

Questions to Increase Critical Thinking Skills and Discernment

These are questions that I used to ask my kids when we would watch a movie.  It helps to increase their critical thinking skills. This is great for ages 8-12, since that is when they are able to start thinking abstractly.

Questions to Increase Critical Thinking Skills and Discernment:
• "Which character did you admire most? Why?"
• "Do the themes in this movie reflect reality? Do they reflect truth?"
• "How do the morals on-screen compare with the values you've been taught at home, in school or in church?"
• "Do you think movies like this have any effect on how close you feel to your family, friends or God? Explain."
• "How might you imagine God reacting to this movie? Why? Would you feel comfortable if Jesus sat watching it with you?" (See Matthew 28:20)
• "Beyond God's opinion of the movie, does the movie have an opinion of God? What is it?"
• "What would happen if you imitated the lifestyles or choices of the characters?"
• "How does it make you feel to know that, by renting this video, you are supporting the morals and ideas it's promoting?"
• "What would you say is the main point of this movie? Do you agree or disagree with it?"

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  1. these are even great questions for me to ask myself when i watch something on tv and movies. it's really hard because it's easy to make this an area you separate from your walk with God. i mean we don't watch X rated movies, but we watch R and a lot of times it's very un-beneficial for us. especially concerning nudity---when you should be protecting your husbands eyes.

    great questions. i'm going to ask the Lord to start reminding me of these questions.

    p.s. great work on making labels!